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Changing Worldviews

12pm – 1pm

An issues driven show, guests include Senators and other government leaders, public policy and pro-family experts, authors and journalists, doctors and religious leaders. An advocate for the innocent, the persecuted and our troops, Sharon continually encourages her listeners to boldly support the right and expose the wrong.

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The Gardening with Joey and Holly Radio Show

1pm – 2pm

Joey and Holly Baird show the average person how easy it is to grow food, store food, and reuse everyday items. Their motto is “grow with us”. Holly is also an award winning home canner with a handful of ribbons from the Wisconsin State Fair including a Best of Show award for her home canning talents.

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Truth House Ministry

2pm – 3pm

Dr. E.C. Fulcher, Jr. teaches philosophy and religion with illumination because he is all about the Truth of God’s word.


The Living Off Grid Power and Information Show

5pm – 6pm

The Living Off Grid Power and Information Show is a show designed for those who are self sufficient as well as those who want to be. Jim discusses a variety of topics to help inform his listeners of ways to successfully navigate through this crazy world.

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On The Right Side Radio

6pm – 7pm

Reid Lance Rosenthal, a national radio host reaching over 101 million potential listeners on numerous stations, including 26 of the top 75, and 9 of the top 10 US radio markets, is a Wyoming rancher, a #1 National, Amazon and Barnes and Noble Bestselling author, recipient of 40 National Literary awards, and unabashedly, unapologetically, on the common-sense side of the outstanding issues facing America, Americans and humanity. His show uniquely weaves historical fact and precedence into the stark realities of today affording thought provoking perspective simply not offered by any other show. You might love him. You might hate him. But you won’t be able to stop listening. Get on the right side, with Reid.

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